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"My Calf" | Cherry Tree (forthcoming)

"New Year's Eve, Dark Restaurant, with Spoon on Nose" | Phi Kappa Phi Forum 

"Ode on Pairs" | Bellevue Literary Review 

"On Anise" | PRISM  Fall 2022

"So you want to make The Florida Opera..." & "The Part of Swan Lake That's Stuck in My Head But I Can't Find" | Sugar House Review #25

"Pont des Arts" & "A Wind Too Good To Be the Wind I Know" | Lake Effect  26

"Ode to Plácido Domingo on Jeopardy!" | Gulf Coast 34.2

"On Being Mean" | Grub Street Literary Magazine 71

"In Which I Am a Shapeshifter" | Palaver Spring 2019

"How to Eat a Crawfish" | Nelle Issue 2

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